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Facilitation Team Goals

Over the past 10 years we have lovingly created these goals with the accumulated wisdom of many amazing Energy facilitators.

It is an honor to be part of such a special and sacred team.

We welcome you to the opportunity that we are being given as Energy facilitators!

  1. We experience gratitude and reverence for the opportunity to facilitate the Energy and to facilitate together.
  2. We align with the Energy leading up to the event by preparing our personal lives and planning ahead; we are alert and aware before and during our facilitation duties.
  3. We partner with the Energy and allow it to fuel our actions.
  4. We extend our hearts with everything we do, connected as one.
  5. We align together in the magic experience of team.
  6. We listen to the Energy, the Participants, ourselves and each other.
  7. We actively communicate with each other in love, clarity and peace; We acknowledge and encourage each other in our work.
  8. We are flexible and creative, experiencing work with the “unknown” as a fun opportunity.
  9. We joyfully approach our work ready to “hit the wall” and to grow and find solutions.
  10. We shift our sails with ease, creating a quiet safe space for the Energy to flow.
  11. We identify and incorporate new ways to make future Treatment events even more successful.
  12. We access the playful part of the Energy; having fun and smiling often.
  13. We are the embodiment of the Energy as loving service. Fueled by the Energy, Dr.B and all of us are able to glide through our work moving freely, effortlessly, and successfully.
  14. We give the Participants the support they need to stay connected to the Energy always and in that process all of us and the 16 Participants have our lives positively changed… forever.

Have a goal you would like to add?

Please share with the team on our LIVE team call before the Treatment Event!