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Treatment Event Location

March's Treatment Event location is at 521 Brandon Way, Austin, TX 78733

Parking/Shuttle Instructions

All facilitators on Thursday, March 5th and Friday, March 6th please park in parking garage ONLY. Please do not park in front of the building outside.

*A word of caution, the turn in and out of this location is very dangerous due to the fast drivers on this road*

*Please be AAA as to drive to and from the shuttle stop*

The address of the shuttle stop is 317 Grace Lane Austin, TX 78746 . The shuttle drivers will meet you at this spot on the day of the event.

317 Grace Lane Austin, TX 78746


Shuttle Team at the shuttle stop: 7:30am
Greeters and Participant Team: 7:45am
All other Facilitators: 7:50am

Traffic will be an issue in the mornings, so please leave yourself plenty of time for travel. If you arrive early, you can take the opportunity to do a breathing exercise while you wait!

If you have any questions on the morning of facilitation regarding your arrival or the shuttle, please call the Shuttle Team Lead:
Thursday - Bill Prior (281-455-8336)
Friday - Alice Dea (512-694-6911)


Wednesday Set-up and Friday Teardown Teams

The Wednesday Set-up Teams will be meeting at 1:00 PM at the Westbank Community Library for a team meeting. After the meeting, if you have plants, you will go to the treatment location and drop off your plants. Then, meet your team members at the shuttle stop (address below) and shuttle to the treatment location. If you do not have plants, please head directly to the shuttle stop after the meeting.

    • Please meet your Lead Facilitator at the shuttle stop after the meeting at the library.
      • Collette Bell (Kitchen Lead): 469-215-0741
      • Justin (Treatment Room Lead): 512-917-0808
      • Erika (Main House Lead): 512-659-8343
    • There will be 3 shuttle drivers/cars:
      • Justin - 512-917-0808
      • Erika - 512-659-8343
      • Collette Bell - 469-215-0741
  • FRIDAY EVENING, 3/6/2020
    • All facilitators are to meet at the shuttle stop at 6:15 PM. Please contact your Lead directly to coordinate.
    • The shuttles will leave promptly at 6:25 PM for the event location. Please be there and be ready.
    • There will be 2 shuttle drivers/cars:
      • Erika - 512-659-8343
      • Collette - 469-215-0741
  • If there are specific questions you have about special circumstances, please contact Ashley Hartley.

Please communicate/ coordinate with your Team Lead to make sure things run smoothly and timely. Please remember to be to the treatment location on time for your facilitation duties. Also, allow extra time in your travel plans for Austin traffic.

Dr. B suggests that when you arrive early, you can take the opportunity to do a breathing exercise while you wait!