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Winning, No Matter the Challenge - Dragon Program [Discounted Offer]

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This offering is the culmination of years of development and collaboration with the highest performers in the world.

The Dragon Program Winning, No Matter the Challenge is a comprehensive system designed to support you in how to win whenever it is difficult.

No matter where you are right now, you can get to your next level.

My students are blown away by how these practices melt away stress, eliminate obstacles, and create quantum leaps in every conceivable area of their lives.

Over the next three months, I'll cover these topics along with Source Energy practices: 

  • Ready for Change
  • Closing the Worry Loop
  • End Loneliness Forever

So here is what’s included each month with the 3-Month Dragon Program:

1 – Audio Course – Discover how to naturally maintain peak performance and drop into “the zone” on command.

1 – Mental Acuity Practice – Sharpen your focus, revitalize your memory, and make the right decisions without endless deliberation or “info overload.”

1 – Physical Energy Practice – Discover how to naturally maintain peak performance and drop into “the zone” on command.

1 – Guided Breathing Visualization – Ancient vibrations are transmitted to you in easy to follow guided breathing visualizations. Supercharge your progress in health, performance, meditation, and all of your endeavors!

Dragon Program Private Facebook Page. You’re not alone on this journey. Get encouragement, give encouragement, and make incredible connections with a whole new network of inspired and aligned individuals.

Bi-Weekly Live Interactive Group Video Calls A high-level energy mastermind with our most experienced facilitators. You’ll get their insider tips on how to apply Source Energy to every area of your life so you can reach your goals in less time than you ever thought possible.