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Winning, No Matter the Challenge - Dragon Program (12 Months)

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The Dragon Program: Winning, No Matter the Challenge is the Source Energy antidote to the exceptional challenges we each face in our lives today.

It is a comprehensive system specifically designed by Dr. B to give you access Source Energy vibrations and supporting practices so you can:

-Melt away stress and finally enjoy life

-Find creative solutions to life’s sticky problems

-Create more success and achievement without pushing and grinding

-Overcome obstacles in any area of your life

-Achieve and surpass your goals, no matter how big or small

-Expand into your best self and make a greater impact in the world 

After years of working with Olympic champions, playwrights, senators, business leaders, and celebrities….

This Dragon Program is the distillation of the game-changing practices and vibrations for top performers around the world. 

The entire curriculum is streamlined and simplified by Dr. B so you get tangible results in your life.



Over the course of 12 months, you will immerse yourself into a spectrum of vibrations that empower you to overcome obstacles and operate at a higher level of performance. 

These vibrations are paired with specific topics and practices to anchor the source energy frequency into your body and give you practical tools you can use in your daily life:

  • Decision-Making 
  • Handling Surprises with Grace
  • Creativity and Problem Solving
  • Finding the Balance in Extremes
  • Cultivating Readiness
  • Letting Go of the Past
  • Achieving Peace
  • Owning Responsibility for Your Life
  • Expanding Your Capacity

Each month you will get:

1 Energized Audio Course - These powerful audios are imbued with Source Energy vibrations transmitted through Dr. B’s discourse on each topic. Each time you listen you open your energetic sensors to greater capacity to access Source Energy. 

1 Mental Acuity Practice - These active exercises bridge the gap between passive listening and active application of Source Energy in your life. Each one will help you sharpen your focus, bring clarity to your mind, and help you make the right decisions without endless deliberation or “info overload.”

1 Physical Energy Practice - Simple and effective exercises you can integrate into your daily routines to open up your energy sensors, stimulate energy flow, and tap you into your highest potential in any situation. 

1 Guided Breathing Visualisation – Using a combination of deep breathing, visual imagery, and Dr. B’s energy transmission, these Breathing Visualizations are your fastest, most reliable access to high frequency Source Energy vibrations. Ranging from 7 - 20 min, you can supercharge your progress in health, performance, meditation, or any endeavors at home or on the go. 

Access to Dragon Program Private Facebook Page. You’re not alone on this journey. Get encouragement, give encouragement, and make incredible connections with a whole new network of inspired and aligned individuals.

Bi-Weekly Live Interactive Group Video Calls A high-level energy mastermind with our most experienced facilitators. You’ll get their insider tips on how to apply Source Energy to every area of your life so you can reach your goals in less time than you ever thought possible.


There is no belief required to get life-changing results with the Winning No Matter The Challenge Dragon Program. 

All you have to do is follow the program, do the practices, and enjoy the journey.

Just click the button below to join and take a powerful step into higher performance.