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The Matrix™ | Men, Women, and Relationships

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Each sex has exquisite qualities that manifest in this Energy to create strong love and workability.

Using the Energy, you can overcome the tricks The Matrix™ presents you with in both work and personal relationships. You will know how to identify how The Matrix™ tricks men and women into having a certain point of view about the other sex .

Session 1: There are two types of people you must find a way to work it out with in order to succeed in life: men and women.

Session 2: Expands on what you learned in Session 1 to show how The Matrix™ can trick you in male and female groups. You will know how to identify the tricks, and exactly what to do about it so you don’t become a victim of The Matrix™.

Session 3: In the face of The Matrix™, people often feel it necessary to be certain. If it is up to The Matrix™ you will be tricked into disorientation and fear, and diverted or deflected from the Energy. The Matrix™ employs many tricks to block you from accessessing the Energy, and wants you to feel uncertain. When you’re in the Energy, you sense what is really going on in reality instead of feeling unstable or in the dark.

By the end of this training, you will feel stronger and more successful in your relationships, and not get tricked by The Matrix™ fantasies.Your daily Stay Connected Exercises will help you integrate this knowledge into your daily life.