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Categories of People

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(For those of you “in the know,” yes, this is Dr. B’s famous Categories of People course)

It’s important that you recognize that being able to connect with each type of relationship that you have and being able to communicate with each one will give you tremendous joy, effectiveness, more free time, and allow you to feel more success in each hour every day. Take control of your relationships.

What's Included

Part 1: What if you were able to prevent getting into relationships with people who do not have your best interest at heart? You may have trusted people before and been burned. This course will give you the techniques to determine right away which people are trustworthy.
Part 2: Sharpen your skills and your ability to succeed with all kinds of people in your life. The solution to creating great short-term and long-term relationships is becoming perceptive about what kind of person is in your life before you decide to go any further in the relationship. The techniques in this course will support you to make the right choices about who to get entangled with/attracted to/in love with/dependent on/or to sign a contract with them.
Part 3: This course maximizes the impact of your Part 2 material. Learn how to successfully implement your new skills with all of the relationships in your life. Imagine being completely confident in your relationships and having people in your life that are uplifting, inspiring, and fuel you every day.
  • 3 Core Video Modules
  • 7 Guided Breathing Visualizations
  • 9 Mental and Physical Practices
  • Access to daily live facilitated conference calls 365 days per year!
  • Weekly Live Interactive Group Video Calls
  • A high-level energy mastermind with our most experienced facilitators. You’ll get their insider tips on how to apply Source Energy to every area of your life so you can reach your goals in less time than you ever thought possible.
  • Private Moderated Facebook Page (invitation only) to Connect with Fellow Course Members and Ask Questions of Dr. Morguelan and the Facilitation Team
  • 3 Energy Practice Guides in PDF to Print-out and Take With You
  • 3 Competency Tests