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Premier Monthly Membership (invitation only) Manual

Our Price: $495.00

The Premier Energy Membership Program is a by invitation only course that includes the following multiple techniques and vibrations:

  1. Intimate Energy Monthly Video Conferences

These monthly teleconferences are by invitation only. You will be invited to participate in a unique and intimate conversation with Dr. Morguelan where you will work on topics together, answer questions and rapidly discover solutions.

  1. Catapult into the Source Energy Audio Series

To vibrantly enhance your rapid success with these Energy techniques, you will have access to the Catapult into The Source Energy Audio Series. These calls are a very, very high Energy space. On every call, Dr. Morguelan will discuss topics that powerfully enable you to overcome resistances and inertia that are blocking you from obtaining rapid results.

  1. Energy Immersion Course

During each Energy Immersion Course, Dr. Morguelan covers a number of extremely important topics. Throughout every moment of the course you will receive these Energy vibrations that accompany the particular topic. I will guide you step-by-step on the special Energy visualizations, Energy physical exercises, energized perception mental exercises, and tools and techniques from my training in China so that you can achieve higher levels of performance, improved relationships and health.

Before your next Energy Immersion Course, you will receive an email with details about the course. Look for a separate email with information to access your online account. This will enable you to view your Energy Immersion Course videos daily on our website

In addition to the video Course and calls hosted by Dr. Morguelan, the Premier Membership Program was designed to include:

  • A Personal Experienced Energy Facilitator

My super star Facilitators will be facilitating your progress in this Energy during your personalized calls every week. Make sure to schedule your weekly call with your facilitator.

Please use these calls to receive vital information about how you can use this Energy to start winning right away and get any of your questions answered about furthering your progress.

  • Group calls

People from all over the world access these daily calls to share their victories using this Energy. These calls are led by experienced Energy Facilitators that elucidate on the tools and techniques for every participant to further create amazing successes. Please join these calls at the times that are posted (the link to the current Group Call Schedule can be found on the bottom of your course page). People report a massive boost in their Energy levels after listening to this group interaction.

  • Access to selected bonus videos to support you in getting even more value out of interacting with the Energy. The bonus videos include commentary from Dr. Morguelan pertinent to the Energy Immersion Course material.