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Manual Monthly Membership

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The Energy Immersion Course is designed by Dr. Morguelan to connect you with the Energy through a 5,000 year old Chinese system. Participants have reported that the Course has expanded their freedom and power so that they experience higher degrees of success in multiple important areas of their lives. The Course includes activities, practices and guided visualizations to facilitate successful results in your relationships, health, finances, and performance.

With this membership program, each month you will receive access to one Energy Immersion Video Course and all that is provided in the Course, including personal facilitation, guided visualizations and more! See details below.

  1. Energy Immersion Video Course

During each Energy Immersion Course, Dr. Morguelan covers a number of extremely important topics. Throughout every moment of the course you receive the Energy vibrations that accompany the particular topic being presented. Dr. Morguelan will guide you step-by-step on the special Energy visualizations, Energy physical exercises, energized perception mental exercises, and tools and techniques from his training in China.

Before each Energy Immersion Video Course, you receive an email with details about the Course.

  1. Your Personal Experienced Facilitator

Facilitators facilitate your progress in this Energy during your personalized weekly calls .
Use these calls to receive vital information about how you can use this Energy to start winning right away and get your questions answered.

  1. Facilitated Group Calls

People from all over the world access these daily calls to share their victories using this Energy.  These calls are led by experienced Energy facilitators that elucidate on the tools and techniques for  every participant to further create amazing successes. People report a massive boost in their Energy levels after listening to this group interaction.

  1. Bonus Videos

Your membership grants you Aaccess to selected bonus videos to support you in getting even more value out of interacting with thise Energy. The bonus videos include commentary from Dr. Morguelan pertinent to the Energy Immersion Course material.


In each Energy Immersion Course, Dr. Morguelan provides extremely relevant information that you will want to review frequently. Your membership includes personal login credentials so that you are able to watch the Course again and again to get the most value out of this Course.

The Goal of this membership program is for you to have access to and embrace this Energy with the appropriate tools and create winning results in all aspects of your life.
All this for $300 per month! Your membership is automatically renewed each month.

In Summary your Online Monthly Membership includes:

  • new video course every month
  • weekly facilitator call (20-30 minutes)
  • group facilitation calls available daily
  • Daily Energy Stay-Connected Exercises (physical, verbal and/or written)
  • Simple yet powerfully compelling goal writing and action steps
  • Tools for creating and developing win-win culture in all areas of life