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Mastering the Love Vibration

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Your audio course includes these three Catapult Audios, plus a Bonus Template to support you in getting the most value and LOVE out of this course.

Love, Let it in
In this audio call, Dr. B discusses how to create a successful platform in relationships with yourself and other people. You will find that as you gap up every day with the Energy, you will experience new, wonderful, loving communication and collaboration with other people.

The Tightrope of Love
The emanation of love between people is something that’s part of being a human being. You may detect this emanation as a vibration that you sense as a warmth in your chest, a calmness that comes over you, a sense of connectedness, or continuity between you and another person. In this call, you will learn the key to successful relationships is to calibrate the love you give and the love that comes towards you.

Don’t Block it, Feel it!
In this audio call, Dr. B will share with you how to be present in each interaction you have during the day and how to value your relationships to the extent that you will be smiling more than you ever thought possible!