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Hero Accelerator

An exclusive program to take your experience of Source Energy to a higher octave.

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Join a select group of Heroes working with Dr. B to expand finances, scale businesses, sharpen focus, heal past wounds, and experience even deeper fulfillment in every moment.

Click the button below to fill out your application and book a call to see if you're a fit for this transformational energy experience.

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A Powerful Upgrade to Dr. B's Mastery Track and Immersion Courses

The Hero Accelerator Program is a huge upgrade to Dr. B's other courses.

You get everything already included in the Mastery Track course with the lecture content, physical exercises, breathing visualizations, and mental practices.

On top of this, you get several additions that take your experience of the energy –– and the results in your life –– to a whole new level.


Monthly LIVE Energized Video Conference with Dr. B

In this exclusive energized call Dr B gives live feedback and going DEEP on the issues that are alive in the group in the moment.

The vibrations Dr B brings to this call are a higher octave than anything else available through EFS courses. It is like a 1-hour treatment you get every single month.

This call alone is worth the entire investment in the program.

Monthly Energized Catapult Call

Catapult Calls are a vibrational audio experience focused on the practical application of energy fields in your day-to-day life.

They deal with the challenges of life we experience individually and culturally, empowering you to move through them with grace and flow and so you can get tangible results better than you could imagine.

Personal 1:1 Guidance with a Trained Facilitator

The fastest way to grow in the energy is to get personal feedback on how you are applying Source Energy to your challenges and goals.

As a Hero Accelerator Member, you get direct 1:1 guidance from a facilitator every single week. This will keep you on track to realizing your most important goals.

Your facilitator is personally trained by Dr. B help you move through resistances so you can create massive success in each of the Great 8.

Exclusive 3 Day Energy Treatment Event

The Hero Accelerator Program culminates in a transformational 3 day Virtual Event. This is the most ambitious event EnergyForSuccess has ever created.

You will be matched into cohorts with other Heroes like you where you can workshop goals and work on applying the Energy practices at higher and higher levels.

The entire event will be energized by Dr. B to give you unprecedented access to source Energy as you create your next level of success.

After the event, your facilitator will follow up with you to hold you accountable to implementing your big dreams and creating a life better than you could imagine.

High Performance Supportive Community

Nobody becomes a Hero all on their own. Community is essential to nurturing and supporting your growth and evolution

In the Hero Accelerator Program, you’ll bet to connect with big players, like minded souls, and high performers in a win-win culture unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Our members come from every walk of life, including neurosurgeons, real estate moguls, business executives, music teachers, scientists, inventors, single moms, artists, software developers, speakers, biohackers, professional athletes, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and so many more.

Special Financial Abundance Bonus Call 

One of the most common goals people work on with EFS energy practices is financial abundance.

As a special bonus, if you join before August 15, 2021, you will get an exclusive invitation to a special live call with Dr. B specifically about creating Financial Abundance.

This call will be energized with the high-frequency vibrations to support you in your journey to prosperity and success.

Join by August 15, 2021 to get access to this special call

What our clients say:

"Dr. B has a fundamental capacity to help people heal that's uniquely different from anything I've ever experienced."

- Tony Robbins

"It really just changed my complete outlook on life. I really don't even recognize that person anymore that I was before. That year I was pregnant leading up to having my daughter was the most productive clinical year I have had. Which was just astounding."

- Marcella

"Dr. Barry’s work works in ways I can’t necessarily explain. But I’ll tell you, flat out, that he does something that is tangible and something that actually works."

- Dave Asprey

"Between clients I breath and do exercises. Within a few weeks I had a book published that I had been unable to edit for over a year and a half. My joy is so back now. Using the energy it doesn't matter where you are, whether you're a runaway, feeling alone, this energy will connect you back to yourself."

- Lin

Now Accepting New Applicants!

This one-of-a-kind program is capped at 150 people.

Openings: 25 20

Please contact to inquire about availability in the program.








How much time does the Hero Accelerator Program take?

Our programs are designed so you can move at your own pace but the deeper you go into the practice the more you get out of it. Everyone is different but many of our clients report having results such as less anxiety, more energy, and better sleep after one week of doing a minimum of 20 minutes per day.


Who is the Hero Accelerator Program for?

This program is not for everybody. In order to make the most of the incredible opportunity offered in this transformational program, you need to already be operating from a solid Energy Platform.

That means you:

  • Always look for Win-Win Solutions your relationships and interactions
  • Live from a place of integrity
  • Contribute to those around you and the world at large through all your actions and words
  • Strive to be as a high performer in your chosen field
  • Challenge yourself to be better, to do better, to reach for your next level no matter where you are at now.
  • Seek the greatest good in any situation, no matter how challenging
  • Aim for success in all the Great 8, instead of unbalanced, one-sided achievements
  • Constantly seek to learn, grow, and discover new capacities and levels of mastery within yourself

What is included in the Hero Accelerator Program?

Monthly 3-hour Video Course - This specialized Immersion Course taught by Dr. B will support you to strengthen your choices to scale quickly and go beyond your wildest expectations.

1-2 Physical Practices - We offer simple and effective exercises that easily integrate into your daily routine. These physical practices open up your energy sensors, stimulate energy flow, and tap into your potential to succeed.

1-2 Mental Practices - This practice will sharpen your focus, clarify your thinking, and help you make the right decisions without feeling overwhelmed.

2-3 Guided Breathing Visualizations - The guided breathing visualizations offer fast, reliable access to meditation on the go, allowing you to supercharge your progress to better health, stronger performance, and an overall sense of calm.

4 times per month: Live Video Calls led by Dr B-trained facilitators - Participate in success calls with your course facilitator and ask questions, receive feedback, and discuss your progress.

Optional daily group conference calls: 365 days a year - Experience collective energy and success as part of a close community. You’ll feel energized and inspired by the end of each call.

Private Signal Group: You don't have to make this journey alone. Find encouragement, build community, and get inspired by like-minded people who want to share in your success.


Weekly - Live! Individual facilitation with a powerful, Dr. B trained facilitator. Only this Hero Accelerator Program includes your own personal facilitator to support you in getting results rapidly.

Monthly - 1 Live! Video Session with Dr. B directly interacting only with you members on important topics.

Monthly - 1 Live! Energy Catapult Call with Dr. B for solving YOUR most pressing issues

Is there really a money back guarantee?

Yes, we believe in our program and its results. Within the first 30 days of your program, if you are not satisfied, we will refund your purchase. You can cancel your subscription at any time with written notice. You can learn more about our Terms & Conditions here.

Can I have a one-on-one session with facilitators?

Yes! This is our ONLY program available that includes the opportunity to personally work with expert Energy for Success facilitators trained by Dr. Barry Morguelan (Dr. B.) to support your success every week.


I have questions about the program. Who do I contact?

Patty Cruz is the lead facilitator for the program. She'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. Email her at to schedule a call.