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Dr. B's 30-Day Guided Goals Journal

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Discover Dr. B's powerful, results-driven method of goal writing & achievement. Using his 'Great 8' framework this goal writing technique produces clear, actionable goals that lead to wins in all areas of your life. This energetically charged tool has been designed to help you overcome obstacles, gain clarity, and feel supported as you cultivate happiness and catapult your success.

Whether you're an established student of Energy for Success or are entirely new to the programs (or keeping a journal in general!), this notebook is easy and fun to follow, including daily check-ins and support systems to encourage your daily energy practices so you can track your progress over 30 days and celebrate your wins!

What's Included:
- Detailed explanation of best practices for goal writing
- Breakdown of the 'Great 8' framework
- 30 Days of guided goal setting
- Pages for free flow and reflection
- End of the month check-in to celebrate your progress!

BONUS - 5 Guided Breathing Visualizations selected by Dr. B & delivered directly to your inbox upon purchase