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Catapult Call Couples - Recurring

Our Price: $112.50

Want to fast-track your success with Source Energy?

With the Catapult Into the Energy audio series, you will get exclusive access to an hour-long live audio session with Dr. B every month.

Each call is an Energy Upgrade with specific Source Energy vibrations to support the biggest problems you face in modern life: overwhelm, frustration, communication, creating win-win situations, and more.

  • Access recordings of each call in your free Energy App to get yourself back into the flow of Source Energy on demand, wherever you go.
  • Build up a library of source energy vibrations to strategically support your goals, overcome obstacles, create a successful, fulfilling life on your terms.
  • Approaching modern concerns with a combination of storytelling, ancient wisdom, and energy transmission, you receive a potent, multi-layered audio experience you can revisit over and over and over, extracting new insights every time you listen.
  • Discover the tactical power of Source Energy audios, tapping you into specific vibrations carefully calibrated around the most pressing topics of our time. Having difficulty in a specific area? You will be able to use just the right audio to catapult yourself into the Energy and propel yourself from failure to success.

You can use this course on its own or as a perfect complement to any of our other Source Energy programs or products.

The Catapult Audio Series is a monthly subscription program and access to calls and recordings will be accessible as long as the subscription is active. If the subscription is terminated, the recordings will no longer be accessible.

Time: 1 Hour Call Monthly at 6:00pm PT / 8:00pm CT / 9:00pm ET

Catapult Call Dates for 2021: 01/28 / 02/25 / 03/25