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Premier Membership Application

Premier Monthly Membership

Participation in this Course is by invitation only. For admittance into this elite program, fill out the application below.

Of all the programs we offer at Energy for Success, the elite Premier Membership is specifically designed for those participants who already have demonstrated significant discipline, determination, and vision especially in business and desire to be accelerated to have an unlimited expression of the Energy in scaling their business, lives and in multiple other areas.

IMPORTANT: Membership is by Dr. Morguelan’s invitation only. This is advanced training. This program is exclusively for leaders who previously met challenges successfully and now want to take on rapidly gaining success in many of life’s most meaningful goals.

The application process to be considered for the Premier Membership, after Dr. Morguelan has invited you to apply, is as follows:

  • Complete the online application below.
  1. Dr. Morguelan will review your application form for approval.
  • Watch the three most recent Premier Video Conferences.
  1. If your application form is approved, you will be invited to watch the three most recent Premier Video Conferences. An email with access to the three most recent video conferences will be sent to you.
  2. After immersing yourself in each video conference, there will be a number of questions to answer, for example: “What did you find especially useful for you from watching the video conference?”
  3. After finishing the three video conferences and answering the questions, email your responses to Patty will forward your responses to Dr. Morguelan for review.
  • Dr. Morguelan will review your responses to the questions in 2b.
  • You will be notified by email or phone call whether your application was approved or not.

If you have been invited to apply, please fill out the application below:

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Thank you!

Once you submit your application, someone will contact you within 48 hours. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Harmony at or (626) 344-7314.