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Mind Master

Learn how to have your mind and emotions in your control.

Mastering your Mind is not only essential but the only way that all of the most amazing leaders, inventors, innovators, and high performing people achieve their results.

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In this Immersion focus ... you could ...

I’ll spend time with you over the course of the year showing you everything you’ll ever need to know to achieve total emotional mastery for the rest of your life.

If you want to receive the immediate ability to always change from an undesirable emotional state into the desirable and resourceful one. This skill is critical to your ability to be a successful manager, business owner, father, mother, friend, lover, leader or follower – my Mastering the Mind immersion process will provide it.

What You'll Learn In This Course...

Calm, Ease, Flow, Agility, Creativity, Innovation, Focus, Mindfulness, Clarity, Inspiration, Direction, Productivity…how do people achieve high performance in these areas?

Overcoming Fear, Suffering and Worry

Use the techniques of this Energy to always experience your power and bypass your fears.

Being Present and In Reality

Your future is always now. Don’t miss your chance to succeed in your future.

Life Balance in the energy

Using this Energy, accomplishing balance does not have to be difficult.

Creating Life in the Energy Every Day

This course guides you away from losing positions and fires you up to create what you want.

Mind Mastery

Course Details

Part 1: Overcoming Fear

This course about fear and the paralyzing effect it can have on us and how to use Energy to overcome fear and be successful. As you receive the Energy in this course, you then have real power. With the Energy, it becomes much less necessary to constantly be looking at all the dangers that could befall you. Once you have the Energy, you can then use it to open the door on the jail cell in which the walls are made up of fear of all the possible dangers that "could" someday befall you. With the Energy, you can now walk out and see the successes that you can now produce.

Part 2: Suffering

This course focuses on how we avoid suffering and prolong suffering. People have goals each day to somehow be happy. Instead of taking an action to fix a problem, we remain in a fixated heighted emotional state and thus become physically weaker and weaker. The physically weakened condition makes it much more likely for us to inadvertently make a lot of mistakes because - we are not fully present to life around us.

Part 3: Un-safety and Worry

This course discusses the aspect of worry and how to move from a state of worry to problem resolution. The solution is: if there's a real risk of an unsafe event happening you need to wake up and if there needs to be something done, then you can address it rather than asking "what ifs", but if you don't first determine the actual risk, then the "what if' question will distract you away from a successful, enjoyable life. If you determine the percentage of risk of unsafety with any of your problems, you will find that you are much safer.

Part 4: Being in the Present

This course discusses being present. One's ability to think clearly and solve their problems can be really messed with by strong concerns that surprise us - especially if the concern comes from something that you are not prepared for. Don't miss your chance to handle your future that was not occurring one minute ago, that's now present in this minute. Your future is always now.

Part 5: What Occupies our Present

Part 5 describes how to respond to the Matrix and it’s version of the present. The present becomes filled with imagined - soon to be occurring future dangers. The Matrix spends all of its time convincing you that there are real monsters in your future. Your body and mind feel stuck as though you have both of you feet on the gas and brake pedals at the same time. In reality there are problems, but there are no Matrix monsters.

Part 6: Making Mistakes

Part 6 explains the mindset of making mistakes and feeling bad. I am a bad person for making mistakes, I should be ashamed, or I need to make a declaration that I will never do that again! The goal of the Matrix is to train you to feel bad for your errors and to train yourself to quickly make promises, even if you are a little girl or a little boy, that you won't do it again.

Part 7: Creating Balance in the Energy

Part 7discusses how to achieve balance. One of the things that you want to accomplish is your balance. Balance is something that you discover moment by moment by allowing yourself to be fueled by the Energy while you go out and create, go out and discover, and go out and work at whatever you need to do. So, are you willing to take the life you have right now and start to enjoy everything you've got?

Part 8: Good and Bad

Part 8 discusses how we view good and bad. Sometimes you are going to lose and sometimes you are going to win. Sometimes you will have disappointments. But in neither case, are you "not a bad person", nor "a good person”. You just didn't win!!! The Matrix wants you to fall for the trick that you are going to pay a very high price in order to give or receive appreciation to another, from another, or from yourself. If it's up to the Matrix, you can never be free when there is appreciation involved in the interaction between people.

Part 9: The Voices

Part 9discusses where the voices in our head come from and how to release them. The voices come from family, friends, teachers etc. Then they accumulate into rules, and they get stuck in a playback system. The voices are not helping or protecting you – with this Energy you can release them, you can use this Energy and have the voice you want. The solution is to focus on what you want. There is so much excitement and variety in the world, lots of joy to participate in. This Energy is all about taking the next action.

Part 10: Create Your Life Daily

The goal of Part 10 is to give you a specific vibration in this Energy to shift you from withdrawal, expectations and resistance to change, to staying in creation space and goal-making.

Part 11: Unlimited Love

Part 11 answers the question of how do you free yourself up to powerfully express love and connection to others? This course will give you the vibration in this Energy and powerful exercises to allow you to give others the freedom to love you without criteria, the freedom for you to love others without criteria, and the freedom to love your own self without criteria.

Part 12: Your Little Lying Voices

Part 12 discusses those voices in your head and answers the question IS IT necessary for these interfering voices criteria to be talking and telling you what to do in order for you to handle reality successfully and be safe? This session will impart to you the energetic vibration and powerful practices to free you to experience your own worth without any voices or Matrix criteria. Your life will shift powerfully to a connection to what works and does not work and what you want and what you do not want leaving those little voices powerless to impact you.

Who Should Get Certified


Achieve high performance and focus at all times in all circumstances.


Worried about the future or your organization – master the I don’t know.

Coaches & Consultants

Be empowered to free your clients from the traps of their minds.

Counselors & Therapists

Understand the pathways that hold people stuck in a view or negative outcome.


Achieve your highest performance academically and learn and apply knowledge rapidly.

Athletes & Artists

Never have your performance or creativity blocked by your mind again.

How It Works

Watch the videos.

Attend your live calls.

Write your goals.

Do your mental and physical exercises.

The Energy for Success is Different

Yes, you can find other trainings and certifications that cover similar topics, but an Energy for Success certification is a unique, one of a kind course that you cannot take anywhere else in the world. No one else has made public the knowledge and teachings you will receive through this mastery track.

In other words, you would not be here if you weren’t looking for a life-changing, one of a kind experience that delivers real, measurable outcomes in your life. You are joining a community that includes some of the most famous high performers on the planet from business, sports, art & music, politicians, and community leaders. You will be supported by a community of people committed to achieving the best performance and success in their lives. If that sounds appealing, then welcome! You've found your home.