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Begin your journey to 360-degree mastery of all modalities and focus areas.

Ask yourself these questions.

  • Do you currently know who you REALLY ARE?
  • If not wouldn’t you like to? How do you define yourself?
  • What’s important to you? What do you value most in your life?

Are you ready to start at the very beginning with me and work 360 degrees on all areas of your life at once?

In the I WANT IT ALL Immersion I’ll be teaching you the same exulted skills and techniques that took me 20 years to learn from the grand master at the top of the mountain in Northern China.

This is powerful stuff — no one else in North America understands this. No one else shares this at the level I do. No one else has been trained by THE only ultimate grand master alive today. It’s hard to properly describe. But — I promise — that the moment you do experience your first session, you’ll experience a change in yourself and your thinking and your focus and your mind and your energy and your outlook that’s so profound and positive — and your belief system will expand almost before your very eyes. I promise it’ll surprise you in the most positive and satisfying way.

How Others Have Used this Course

You will become the king or queen of your mind, body and emotions in order to crush all obstacles and…

By determining your core beliefs (what you think, feel, act), you shape or reshape your ultimate destiny. Because the past is NOT the future. If we take this journey together, it is essential you understand this point. You’re creating new things all the time for yourself and using all these new tools I’ll give you to do it with.

What You'll Learn In This Course...

Balance, High Performance, Relationships, Health, Wealth, Vitality, Success, Career do people achieve life long mastery in these areas?

Overview of the Royalties of Body, Mind and Emotions

Using your Energy platform, you can become the CEO of your own life.

Royalties of the Mind and Emotions

This course teaches one to regain control of his or her thought processes to establish success and flow in one’s everyday life.

Introduction to Royal Thinking

Become proficient in Royal Thinking and from now on act and react with strength, calmness, and creativity.

The Royalties of Thinking, Advanced

This course explains the games the Matrix plays to hijack our thinking and create obstacles for us.

This Energy Mastery

Course Details

Part 1: Overview of 3 Kings: Body, Mind, and Emotions

Part 1is an overview of the Royal Gifts. The Royal gifts are part of who you are and are sources of pure information, here just to help you succeed.

Part 2: King of the Body

Part 2 is about your body. You need to write daily goals to be tuned in to those signals. The body has a path it is meant to take. You need to be in connection with your body all the time. You’re in it, so you can listen to it all day long. It can guide you step by step, and can really help relationship connections go forward. Connecting with your body produces calmness and stability. It deteriorates over time if you don’t connect with it. When you’re in tune with your body, you’re in a place of inspiration. Partnering with your body is a whole different experience! The more you connect with your body, the healthier it will be. Recognize the battle with the Matrix to put you off from your body.

Part 3: Royalties of Emotions

Part 3 teaches about emotional vibrations and where they come from. You have a project in your life. It is to look for and make time for actively obtaining the gifts set up for you by the Royalty of your Emotions. Use this Energy as a bridge from you to your Royal Emotions. Be the CEO of your own life! Use Royal Emotions to do everything. On your Royal Emotional platform, you feel enriched and become awake and aware.

Part 4: The King of Emotions

Part 4 is teaching control of emotions. Using this Energy, you can connect to the King of your emotions inside of you so that you can actually be infused with excitement about all the opportunities that are standing in front of you right now.a

Part 5: The King of the Mind

Part 5 is about being King of the Mind. With this Energy it is possible to have your thinking focus on what you could do moving forward in that area. Every time you make a new goal and then make a goal to access this Energy, your previously painful thinking will change automatically to getting what you really want. When you connect to this Energy and to your Royal thoughts, then you will start to experience a whole different level of information to work with.

Part 6: Royalties of YOUR Mind

Part 6 teaches you to regain control of your thought processes to establish success and flow in your everyday life. Connecting to your royal mind at all times and recognizing the parts of the day that you are calmly thinking and creating solutions will facilitate quick change in this Energy (instead of being rushed). The techniques outlined in ths course include stopping, breathing, investigating, discovering multiple solutions, and negotiating. It also expresses the importance of sleep, maintaining a detailed calendar of daily events, eating in this Energy, and organizes your decisions into short and long term goals and short and long term obligations.

Part 7: Royal Thinking Continued

As a continuation of the Royal Thinking, Part 7 gives several examples of ways to use your Royal Thinking to access your true potential. Royal Thinking creates the opportunity to act and react with strength, calmness, and creativity, while Matrix thinking distracts and disturbs you.

Part 8: Royal Thinking Continued

Part 8 highlights ways to knock out Matrix thoughts and feelings and create a life that is free of overwhelm and uncovers your most confident, successful, and creative potential. It also emphasizes the strategies of: stopping, breathing, doing an Energy exercise, noticing the Matrix, and goal writing.

Part 9: Royal Thinking Continued

Part 9 expands on the reality of our decisions and ways to circumvent the Matrix from tampering with the experience of the Energy. In this course, we use Royal Thinking to be more effective, focused, efficient, and accurate. This course allows us to stay in this Energy using Royal Thinking to reverse old patterns and absorb information newly. The techniques highlighted in this lecture include: structuring and organizing data in decision-making, noticing and reversing matrix habitual thinking, and listening to others while collecting information and quieting the mind.

Part 10: Royal Thinking Continued

Part 10 explains the games the Matrix plays to hijack our thinking and create obstacles for us. Being alert, awake, and aware in this Energy and using Royal Thinking to balance our thoughts produces clarity and expands our vision for successful possibilities. This empowers us to discover the reason behind our actions and thoughts. The strategies used in this lecture include: stopping, reaching for this Energy by engaging in an Energy exercise or practice, self-monitoring, using breaks for efficiency, and preparation.

Part 11: Royal Thinking Upgraded

Part 11 upgrades your ability to question the Matrix and energize your solutions. This course further investigates the Matrix as a magician and uncovers the matrix tricks. We build this Energy muscle of Royal Thinking to feel free without internal or external expectations of happiness. It also highlights the success in staying focused in reality and stepping into action.

Part 12: Truth & Falsity

Part 12 frees you to access each part of your mind to develop win-win solutions without fear. You can access your Royal Thinking and be your own authority. By getting the facts and continuing to gather data even after the Matrix authority distracts you, you will access patience to perceive this Energy options and create accurate solutions.

Who Should Get Certified


The most successful entrepreneurs have mastery over mind, body, and emotions.


You don’t have time to be sick, stressed out, or misled by our emotions.


Be the your best self and lead your teams to success.


Amp up your grades, relationships, set yourself up for a successful life


Grow in your career, wealth, company, or community

Athletes & Artists

Achieve the highest performance levels of your life

How It Works

Watch the videos.

Attend your live calls.

Write your goals.

Do your mental and physical exercises.

The Energy for Success is Different

Yes, you can find other trainings and certifications that cover similar topics, but an Energy for Success certification is a unique, one of a kind course that you cannot take anywhere else in the world. No one else has made public the knowledge and teachings you will receive through this mastery track.

In other words, you would not be here if you weren’t looking for a life-changing, one of a kind experience that delivers real, measurable outcomes in your life. You are joining a community that includes some of the most famous high performers on the planet from business, sports, art & music, politicians, and community leaders. You will be supported by a community of people committed to achieving the best performance and success in their lives. If that sounds appealing, then welcome! You've found your home.