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Welcome to Day 5 of the 8 Day Source Energy Quickstart Program!

Mental Practice Instruction

Mental Practice Demonstration


One of the things that will most support you in your life being successful using Source Energy, are these Mental Energy Practices.

They are fun, small, assignments such as writing something down, saying something out loud, or making an observation. These mental energy practices are designed to have you notice important things about your environment and yourself that can really increase the flow of Source Energy inside you.

The practices are designed to have you quickly expand into your zone and flow states, while opening up your creativity and your best decision-making powers.

They are ideal to do before you take action on your projects or goals. And the more often you do them, the better your results can be.

As always, my team and I are available if you want any support. Just email us at

Get started with the Mental Energy Practice right away, and I’ll see you in the next video!