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Winning, No Matter the Challenge

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Are you ready to start winning? Our one-of-a-kind Dragon Program includes tools and techniques to supercharge your progress in mindfulness, meditation, and all of your endeavors! Supercharge your progress in mindfulness, meditation, and all of your endeavors!


Categories of People –

From the Relationship Mastery Course

$450 – 3 months

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Does it feel like people at work and home are wasting your time and draining your energy? On average, one in five people will make you feel that way. Forbes magazine says that breaking this pattern is a critical element to success. This 3-Part Course on the Categories of People will give you the most proven tools to distinguish how to minimize the impact of working with difficult people and maximize your relationships with the most supportive and win-win people!


Immersive Awakening – 7 Day Breathing Retreat


Start with 7 days, and then these practices stay in your library to use without expiration.

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Guided breathing visualizations are the fastest, most effective way to connect to Source Energy to revitalize your life and empower your goals. Experience the joy of being wrapped in a cocoon of the Energy in our 7-day guided breathing visualization retreat with morning and evening breathing audios.

I was exposed to Dr. B through a Dave Asprey podcast. I was intrigued. I had writer’s block. My panic reflexes around writing were so insidious and chronic, the very act of looking at a blank page was for me, akin to contemplating diving, head first, into an empty pool. And when I did write, all I could see was straight up garbage! But getting into the energy, first through the Dragon Program, now through the Mastery Track Program, I’ve incrementally, step by step, fallen in love with writing again. The noise in my head has reduced to a squeak. And instead of seeing garbage in my words, I see gold.

Dr. Barry Morguelan (fondly referred to as Dr. B by his clients around the world) is a world-class medical doctor and the only western Grand Master of a 5,000 year old Chinese Source Energy discipline. Over the years he has supported high achievers such as Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Dave Asprey, Olympic and professional athletes, CEO’s, musicians, and movie and playwrights, in excelling beyond their previous limits.

Get our programs for the lowest rate ever offered. My students are blown away by how these practices melt away stress, eliminate obstacles, and create quantum leaps in every conceivable area of their lives.

— Mark Green