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Welcome to the 8 Day Quick Start!

Introducing – Source Energy - Your First Visualization


Hello! I am Dr. Barry Morguelan, and you can call me Dr. B.

Welcome to my 8 Day Source Energy Quickstart program. This program is designed for you to easily and quickly increase relaxation and clarity in the face of any of the things you are wanting to succeed in fully. No more overwhelm.

For the next 8 days I will be sending you some of my best Source Energy practices designed specifically to help you quickly succeed using your most relaxed and clear attention on whatever you want, whenever you want. So please watch your inbox so that you don’t miss anything.

The best way to do this program is to follow the instructions for each Source Energy practice that I’ll be sending you, so that you get the full benefit of each one. The best thing about this program is that it’s easy to do, its convenient, and when you do it, you can get great results.

My goal is that when you complete this program you will really feel better–more calm, at ease, clear, and focused whenever you need to. The next 8 days is going to be an exciting journey using these Source Energy practices for success. Please be sure to look for my emails.

There’s nothing to memorize. Just enjoy and follow along. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to my team at the email address listed below.

Know that we are here for you and looking forward to showing you how powerful Source Energy is and how to use it. Imagine 8 days from now being in action with less stress, and feeling energized with more clarity and calm.

Look for an email with a link to the next video.

If you need any assistance, you can email Harmony at