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Physics of Goal Writing Part 1

Go further. Go faster. Energize life.
...and be surprised by the results.

What makes Energy for Success goal-writing unique from every other self-help course?

  • Goal writing is an essential component of Energy For Success. Write daily goals to direct and focus the application of the Energy For Success practices.

Write goals to focus on what you truly want.

  • Write goals to focus on what you truly want, like an archer shooting an arrow at the center of a target.
  • Be specific, concrete, and measurable with your goals. E.G., You may want new clients, when? Include a time period. Include what type of clients you want (e.g., win-win, pay on time, work in a specific industry, etc.).

Writing your goals out by hand is essential (Not typing). Why?

  • Because the movement of your hand has you already beginning to put that goal into ACTION. You are beginning to align the movement of your body into the creation of your goal.

Make goals that are not just your to-do list.

  • Better than you could imagine – Dr. Morguelan suggests a wonderful caveat you can add to the end of any of your goals. Try writing that your results happen even easier, faster, and better than you could’ve imagined.
  • How you’d like it to go on the way to achieving your goals. E.G., If you want to not only finish your report, but you want to do it quickly and easily, have your goal reflect that.

Goals can cover any aspect of your life–we call this the Great 8.
(The Great 8 includes: Relationships, Expanding Finances, Accessing Equanimity, Creativity, Health and Vitality, Intelligence, Noticing Serendipity on Command, Getting into the Zone/Flow).

  • You get to decide what goals you create. There are no wrong goals.
  • The only incorrect way to write a goal; is not to write one.

Use a physical Goals Book.

  • Use designated books for goals only.
  • You might carry a goals book with you throughout the day and practice writing down what you want. E.G., What do you want to create from having dinner with your friend? What result do you want from your work meeting?

Goals versus wishes – What is the difference between a goal and a wish?

  • A goal is something you are willing to take some small action on daily or weekly.
  • A wish is something you may want, but you just hope it will happen without your participation or having to do anything.
  • Achieving your goals requires taking action to move them forward and achieve them. We call this taking action steps.
  • Action Steps are the smaller steps within your goals that you are taking daily or weekly.

Goals are fluid and flexible.

  • Change your action steps as you learn what is working and not working.
  • Be open, flexible, and awake to the action steps for you to take to actualize your goal.
  • Revise or elaborate goals as you learn more along the way.
  • There is no wrong way to write goals except not to write them. You will always evolve and improve.


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