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Stop What You’re Doing Right Now

Stop What You’re Doing Right Now

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why does this always happen to me?”

Maybe your inner dialog sounds something like…

    • “This isn’t fair.” 
    • “I’ve tried this, and I’ve really, really done everything I could.” 
    • “This person is stopping me, and they shouldn’t be there.” 
    • “This is bad, bad, bad, and I just am so angry because I feel like I can’t do anything about it.”

Can you relate?

The next time it happens, I want you to do this... call a time out.

Stop what you’re doing immediately.


Because you’ve been hacked.

WARNING: Your Thinking Has Been Corrupted

You’ve been invaded by The Matrix. The quality of your thinking has been poisoned.

Your brain has been compromised.

The Matrix is what I call this collection of thoughts which limit what you can do and distort clear thinking.

The Matrix shuts you off from the world, from other people, and from yourself.

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It makes you closed, fearful, and self-defensive. We both know your approach to getting everything you want from life should be one of openness.

You can tell your approach is open when you think…

“I’m going to be a winner at all the things I do today and I’m going to be kind and caring to all the people I run into. It’s going to be a win-win operation for everything.”

The Best Thing To Do When You Push Yourself

What happens when we just try to push ourselves through challenging situations?

When all the good intentions turn into brute force, and when you just try to crash through obstacles, you get worn down.

Unfortunately, all the studies show that under pressure, your body becomes more and more dehydrated.

How much water should you be drinking in a day?

I recommend 96 ounces. You need to drink a lot of water. You really have no choice when you push yourself to tackle life’s challenging situations.

So when you’re pushing, your body has less water, and the impact of this is more than you might think.

Dehydration, even a little dehydration, can actually shrink the brain.

Imagine you’re in a situation where you’re really challenging yourself. This could be mental, physical, or even both at the same time.

You’re telling yourself, “I’m going to keep going, I’m going to do it.”

This is motivational epinephrine and it’s fine... Yet think about this -- what is it you’re pushing?

You’re pushing a shrinking brain. It’s growing smaller on you. This is when you should re-hydrate. Nourish the brain, nourish the body, and take breaks.

Take a break every hour. During the break, do a Source Energy practice.

It’s been shown that this really will amp you up. When my students are in karate fights or major athletic events, you’ll see them in the hallway between the locker room and coming onto the floor doing one of their Source Energy practices.

They’re doing them to open up, pull all the Source Energy in, and to be maxed.

Here’s What Else You Can Do

Here’s a great way to make sure you have all the focus and stamina you need to succeed.

It’s a tip from Brian Johnson, a triathlon athlete who’s one of my students…

“As a triathlete, I am always looking for ways to get an edge on my competition and my performance.
“Before my trail run this morning, I listened to one of Dr. B’s guided breathing visualizations. My run was 3.5 miles up 2,600 vertical feet through rugged rocky terrain in less than one hour. I set a personal record on this course by 20 minutes. Then, I ran back down 3.5 miles in 32 minutes and set another personal record.
“The guided breathing visualizations are now a standard ‘count-on-able’ part of my training process.”

You might not be able to run down 3.5 miles of rocky terrain in 32 minutes like Brian did... Imagine all the things you can do.

Things within your grasp that you can turn into achievements.

Accomplishments that for whatever reason, have been slipping away, or seem just beyond your reach.

The #1 Move To Make Right Now To Enjoy Even More Success

And not just success in one area of your life, while others go unfulfilled.

The achievements and the accomplishments you want are yours for the asking. All you need to do is stop allowing The Matrix to pollute your thinking by injecting false thoughts.

The time out you call gives you a chance to catch your breath, balance yourself, and redirect your thinking so you can connect to The Source Energy.

Wondering how to start?

It’s easy. I’ve made it simple for you with The Dragon Eternal Success High Performance Program.

Take a look at it.

You get effortless and enjoyable ways to connect to The Source Energy, which will tear down the barriers that stand between you and the success you deserve.

Take a moment right now to look into this, and you’ll discover how The Source Energy is like the rising tide that lifts all boats… it improves every aspect of your life, exponentially and all at the same time.

See what this can do for you.

The days of The Matrix are numbered when you’re in The Source Energy. The days of self-doubt and giving up before you even start are behind you.

There’s something new, something refreshing and entirely different for you to experience…

A fun, fulfilling life where you can enjoy better health, more rewarding friendships, and financial abundance.

What are some ways The Matrix hacks your thinking?  What do you do about it? What will you do differently starting now?  Scroll down and share your experience in the comments section. 

Cheers to your success. 


In case you missed it... 

I began my search for The Source Energy in the Southwest of the United States and then into the jungles of Central and South America.

However, the total direct effect of what I wanted to accomplish really wasn’t in those places. So, I had to keep going... [Click Here >>]


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