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Sharing the Energy to South Florida

The EFS Rapid Vibrational Transformation Techniques help people heal, succeed, and have major breakthroughs in their life. It is not a hit-or-miss.

I had the honor to share how using the vibrations of your inherent Source Energy can help you get stronger, feel younger and more able in an interview with Jason Carter from WSFL-TV in South Florida.

Inside I reveal how simple it is to immerse yourself into your Source Energy, so you are always in a home-run state, and do great in everyday life.

Click here to “Play” and turn up your sound for the full 3-minute interview

The Best Kept Energy Secret

When I was in China learning from the Grand Master he taught me the practices that connected me to my real self. It's the best kept Energy secret, and it can connect you to whatever you connect your real self to be.

It’s the foundation of all Energy For Success energy practices.

It's a force -- a pulsation, resonation, or vibration between everyone and everything, and it’s the key to go even deeper & conquer your daily challenges.

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3 Tips to Get Into The Energy… Even If You’re Just Starting

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