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Your Introduction to Dr. B

Your Introduction to Dr. B

Part 1: Dr. Morguelan’s Story Begins

I am happy you are here now, and you're reading this because you journey into the Energy for a Successful Life program starts with something unique. It isn’t part of your average everyday actions. And yet... it could be.

These actions happen in the background of your life. You might find you get busy with life. In the background, there are these thoughts about certain things, and you wonder if you’re ever going to get to focus on them.

Sometimes, you might decide these things “can’t be as important as what I’m doing now.” However, they hang on to you —they sustain as being something you’re interested in, they call to you.

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With This Energy, you can start to wake up this interest and develop an increased ability to focus on these things that talk to you and say, “You know, you might want to do this. This might be appropriate for you. This might be something interesting for you in addition to what you’re doing now.”

I Knew Something Needed to Change

This is what happened to me over 25 years ago while I was walking down the aisles of the hospital at UCLA. I’m an internist and a gastroenterologist, and I have two medical offices in Los Angeles. I was fascinated by the new technology in those days, and still am, because the benefits for patients are so wonderful.



I was walking down the hospital aisle really happy that the patients were getting better. You have to understand, the hospital has a lot of people complaining, with needs, worries and concerns. There are not a lot of happy people in hospitals. Some people get a little bit better. Some people get a lot better. Some people have to go into long-term care.

Although my patients were doing well and I was discharging them, in the back of my mind, I was wondering, and having these thoughts…

“What would it be like if people didn’t have to go through this whole thing? What if they didn’t have to go to the hospital? What if they didn’t have to go through these illnesses?

“What if people could actually stay vital their whole lives and actually ward off illnesses? Actually, become more able and stronger every day and more capable so that illnesses and hospitals weren’t a part of what they had to deal with?

“What if people could actually start being stronger and healthier, more able to take on more and more in their lives?”

When I went to the hospital, I would always say, “You may have to take a break because you have to heal here.”

In the back of my mind I was thinking:

    • What if you didn’t have to go through a healing period?
    • What if you’re always healing in advance?
    • What if you’re already preparing, like an Olympian?
    • What if you’re always preparing for life like you’re in the life Olympics?
    • What if you’re always getting stronger and more able to perform optimally in all that you’re doing?”

This just kept crossing my mind and it wouldn’t leave me alone.

I Recognized a Change of Direction in my Life

It was that day in the hospital where I recognized, “This is really where I want to devote my life.”

In that moment I realized that there is some chance for humanity to actually go in a different direction, the direction of getting stronger all the time.

I didn’t tell anybody about it.



Who was there to tell? All the Western doctors were totally uninterested. They were all fine with the surgery schedule and who gets cut and sewn and who gets drugged. They were worried about all the different hospital protocols, as was appropriate at that stage of medical development.

I decided that in addition to showing up every day for the patients in the hospital, and taking care of everybody with Western medicine, I was still going to go on this quest and look for something that would be an adjunct to medicine, something that would allow me to really help people in advance of ever getting sick.

I Began my Search

I looked all over California. There were some interesting modalities then, but you have to remember, this was 25 years ago. Integrative or alternative medicine practices had not yet been developed.

I searched throughout the Southwest. It was a wonderful quest. However, I could not bring peace pipes or sweat lodges back to UCLA.

Then I went to Central America on treks throughout the jungle. Each place was really fascinating but there was no confirmation out there. There was nobody saying, “The thing you’re looking for really exists. We think we have that.”

I was driven by my idea, however, I always had to feather the conversation in with doctors. I went to small communities in Central America with their local doctor, their barefoot doctor or their shaman to see what they were doing. There were a lot of practices that were great but, they were not things that I could bring back or that took the place of penicillin.

There were some places in Central America where they burned herbs in a big pile and everybody would inhale them. We can’t have bonfires inside our hospital buildings because there are smoke detectors. We couldn’t use those herbs and burn them in people’s rooms. Nor was there any proof that they would change anybody’s lifestyle either from an illness or actually allow people to become stronger and live a more successful life, as I had envisioned. Remember, that was my real goal.

My Search Continued

Central America was fascinating. South America was wonderful. Everybody should go there to see the natural wonders of these regions. However, the total direct effect of what I wanted to accomplish really wasn’t there.

I had to keep going. 

In case you missed it... 

I began my search for The Source Energy in the Southwest of the United States and then into the jungles of Central and South America.

However, the total direct effect of what I wanted to accomplish really wasn’t in those places. So, I had to keep going... [Click Here >>]


Have you ever asked yourself, “Why does this always happen to me?”

Maybe your inner dialog sounds something like…

    • “This isn’t fair.”
    • “I’ve tried this, and I’ve really, really done everything I could.”
    • “This person is stopping me, and they shouldn’t be there.”
    • “This is bad, bad, bad, and I just am so angry because I feel like I can’t do anything about it.”

Can you relate? The next time it happens, I want you to do this... 
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