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How the Energy Makes Conversation Effortless

How the Energy Makes Conversation Effortless

No matter how difficult it might seem…

No matter how hard you’ve tried in the past to communicate with somebody who just doesn’t get it, or just doesn’t want to listen…

Don’t give up, because there’s a better way.

And it begins with something you’re probably already aware of, and that’s listening.

But listening is not a “one size fits all” practice.

There are different ways to listen, just as there are different ways to talk.

Let me show you how a different approach to listening (that will be incredibly easy for you to use) can turn communication that’s difficult into communication that’s natural and unforced.

A Different Way Of Listening

You already have an approach. There’s a method you use for listening that you’ve developed over the years and chances are it works for you.

Most of us think we’re good listeners, and on one level we are, but it’s the other levels that matter.

When you’re in The Energy, these deeper levels of listening are yours to experience and to benefit from.

What are these deeper levels and how do you reach them?

Like many of the things in life that The Energy can make easier for you, this different way of listening begins with awareness.

You should be aware of yourself and of the person you’re having a conversation with.

Start by asking yourself…

  • Am I interested in what this person has to say, or am I just going through the motions to create the impression I’m interested?
  • If I’m not interested in what this person has to say, why? How have I made this judgment call? What took place in the past that strips away my ability to listen in the present?
  • Am I thinking about something else when the other person is talking? If so,why does this other topic that’s taken over my thoughts deserve to be front and center?

Sound familiar?

I wouldn’t be surprised, because all of us are easily distracted.

The negative influences of The Matrix lures us into destructive thinking. Self-doubts, overblown regrets, and misinterpretations lead to trouble.

We lose clarity, confidence, and even the ability to express ourselves because we’re so wrapped up in fear.

It’s as if we’re afraid to listen because we’re not sure how we’re going to deal with whatever it is we hear.

That’s just one scenario. There are lots of ways The Matrix drowns out the voices of good communication and none of them are desirable.

How To Make Your Communication Effortless

One of the best listening skills you can master is to ask clarifying questions.

This is not just so the person you’re talking with knows you’re paying attention… clarifying questions help you understand what’s being said.

They allow the two of you to explore a topic in greater depth.

These clarifying questions also provide a conversational conduit for vibrations to flow back and forth, which fortify the connection being established.

At this point, communication indeed becomes effortless, and it’s all because of The Energy.

You Really Can Make This Change

If you visited my office and went through the files, you’d find more than 20,000 notes from people telling me what they’ve accomplished because of The Energy.

Their achievements are big and small.

And as you might expect, many of the notes I get explain how bad relationships have been made better as a result of improved communication.

Why does this happen so often?

It’s because The Energy is comprised of vibrations.

When the vibrations between two people naturally take place on their own judgements, preconceptions, and assumptions that poison communication go away.

These are Matrix attitudes that simply can’t exist in the presence of The Energy Force.

It’s that straightforward, and it’s why the Masters of Chinese Medicine have been teaching these techniques for 5,000 years.


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