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Don't Get Angry. Do This Instead…

Don't Get Angry. Do This Instead…

One of the main requirements for success is consistent movement - the upward, continuous motion towards your goals. The last thing you want is to be thrown off your path.

Anger constantly throws people off. When reacting poorly and getting angry takes over, you lose sight of your end goal.

It’s funny (you know, “funny, not funny”), I can hear you now… “But, Dr B…

“Anger Makes Me Feel Something”

If that sounds like you, let’s discuss something very important. Do you insist that anger is a release? 

Maybe you feel like your body is getting stronger when you get mad, or feel even more certain about your thoughts?

What’s more… 

People who suffer from depression may even claim that it’s better to get angry than to feel nothing at all. 

The “reason why is simple,” they say… Because at least they’re experiencing an emotion. 

The truth is… 

“There’s No Time For Anger”

If you want success in your life, or more control over your outcomes, then there is absolutely no time to be angry. Especially if you have multiple goals you’re working toward.

Anger doesn’t add to the big picture of your life.

All it’s going to do is raise your blood pressure and put you at a higher risk for stroke and heart attack. It can also do a number on your shoulders and back. Its list of peripheral collateral damages is long. 

But the list of benefits? That’s notably short. 

Using Energy

Recognize you don’t have to let anger into your space. What if your space could be one where you are on fire, excited from the very moment you wake up? 

Imagine this… 

What if you tried to find something to be angry about, you just can’t get angry about it. That’s the power of energy. 

Anger isn’t useful. Instead of getting angry, lean on a different ‘A.’ Get into Action

Don’t get so worked up that you want to destroy, kill, or blow up. None of those responses will get you the result you want. 

Here’s another thought… 

Choose Ways to Win

That’s right, you get to pick and choose how you want to win every day. 

You can win if you apply the Energy for Success techniques in your life. If you focus on your goal, aim, or intention, and use the energy from our blog posts, free guided visualization, or introductory programs, you will make it to the top much faster than you would by using anger as a crutch. 

Can you imagine that?

Of course, this isn’t to say you will automatically become anger-free. No, no, I’m not saying that at all.  What I am suggesting is if someone tries to make you angry, that you have the power to direct that energy, and respond in a way that’s positive.

Think about it… That’s a healthier way, isn’t it?

You can be even more successful, achieve even more, and have even more control in your life by simply using your energy. 

On the other hand… 

If you don’t, you might not reach your full potential, you could achieve less, and be at the will of others. 

What’s more: 

If you want to break down the barriers preventing you from winning in the way you know you were born to, download my Guided Visualization for Instant Healing Energy.

If you’re here now and you’re reading this, I know it will help.

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In case you missed it... 

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Have you ever asked yourself, “Why does this always happen to me?”

Maybe your inner dialog sounds something like…

  • “This isn’t fair.”
  • “I’ve tried this, and I’ve really, really done everything I could.”
  • “This person is stopping me, and they shouldn’t be there.”
  • “This is bad, bad, bad, and I just am so angry because I feel like I can’t do anything about it.”

Can you relate? The next time it happens, I want you to do this... [Click Here >>]


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